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The website, supported by GIS system has been prepared in the frame of the winner tender with identification number of TOP-5.1.1-15-HB1-2016-00001 and title with “Hajdú-Bihar County Employment Agreement, Employment – Economic Development Cooperation”. The aim of designing the website was to support the Hajdú-Bihar County Investment Incentive, goals and motives, that the county has set for its investment-incentive strategy in medium term by 2025 in order to attract more investment and more re-investment.

The website helps people in the labor market with the tools of GIS, not just the potential investors but also employees. It provides comprehensive informations on Hajdú-Bihar county, the settlement network, districts, demographics, socio-economic situation, labor market and agriculture.

Within the TOP-5.1.1-15-HB1-2016-00001 winner tender, the Hajdú-Bihar County Government is in consortium with the Government Office for Hajdú-Bihar County, the Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office and the Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit Kft. They have developed an economic partnership in the county to improve the employment situation, for example by expanding the local labor market. Inside the project the Investment-Incentive Strategy for Hajdú-Bihar County was made and was approved by the County Assembly on 10 November 2018 (hereinafter reffered to as Strategy). The Strategy aims to designate a medium-term target-system for the realization of future investments outside Debrecen and to sketch the frames and tools of a successful investment incentive.

We are confident that the developed website will support these goals to great extent, as the characteristics of Hajdú-Bihar county are very favourable from investment point of view. For example in national level Hajdú-Bihar county has one of the highest supply of potential labor replacement, (with high unemployment rate and low activity rate) which is an important factor for the realization of an investement and for the selection of the investment location.

By clicking on the name of the settlement on the map, gives you access to the data based on Hungarian Central Statistical Office, March 2021:

Hajdú-Bihar County Employment Agreement, Employment – Economic Development Cooperation

Consortium Members:

  • Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office,
  • Government Office for Hajdú-Bihar County,
  • Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit LLC.

Project Title, Identification Number: „Hajdú-Bihar County Employment Agreement, Employment – Economic Development Cooperation” (TOP-5.1.1.-15-HB1-2016-00001)

Contracted amount of financial support: 1,235 billion HUF

Rate of aid (%): 100%

Planned completion date of the project: 28 February, 2020

Content of the project:

The Hajdú-Bihar County Government with Government Office for Hajdú-Bihar County, Hajdú-Bihar County Government Office and Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit LLC are implementing the development of the County Employment Pact in consortium partnership. One of the aims of the application is to create an economic-employment development partnership (Pact – Paktum), with the professional competence and active participation of the consortium members. 

1. General project information

The general objective of the parties establishing and implementing cooperation is to improve the situations of the labor market; economy development; improving the effectiveness of education and training; developing partnerships. The county-level employment co-operation (Pact) is working with goals and activities across the county, while stimulating, preparing and helping local employment and economic development initiatives. It performs umbrella organization tasks and ensures county-level coordination and performs monitoring activities on local Pacts too. It is a priority to improve the level of education and employability of the people in the county; to increase the county’s population retaining power and become an attractive living space for citizens from other regions, that provides jobs and decent living conditions. This contributes to the productivity, efficiency and employability of businesses in the county. The county Pact Office (Paktumiroda) helps achieving these goals.