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Although the site is primarily aiming businesses entering the county for investment purposes, it also aims to provide useful information to other actors in the labor market. To this end (based on data of June 2019), this section of the website also provides information on available residential properties in the county’s settlements for economic development purposes.

By clicking the icon, you can find the name and website of institution:

Önkormányzati tulajdonú lakáscélú ingatlanok (a szociális bérlakásokat kivéve)

Source: Önkormányzati adatszolgáltatás, 2019. jun

For this information the data were provided by the county self-governments on the available municipal tenancy quantity in their area, which could provide housing for example for the workforce of the future settling enterprises.

Below you can find out if the certain municipality of the county has available tenancy that can function as a company housing or rentable apartment in the future (either in its current state or after renovation). If the settlement has such properties, you will also find its parameters (eg. location, size, type of property). (Real estates used exclusively for social purposes are not included.)