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The category for professional shortages and vocational shortages was created to replace the shortage of skilled labor, which is currently appearing on the national economy and is causing a major problem. The competitiveness of the country depends on a large extent on the skills and quality of vocational trainings. There is an increasing need for good professionals, so it is especially the skills that enable the trainees to stay in the ever-changing technological environment. Due to the fact that the economy is looking for professionals with such qualifications, gaining these skills gives a better chance for a job seeker the find a job. That is why, training in shortage professions is a priority in the training areas.

The Annex 5 of 353/2017 (XI.29.) Government Decree contains for the year of 2018/2019, shortage professions divided to counties, that are considered as shortage areas, therefore participation in these courses entitles the students for vocational school scholarships. In the school year of 2018/2019, in Hajdú-Bihar, the following 20 qualifications can be considered as such. The following chart shows the shortage professions for the 2016/2017, 2017/208 and 2018/2019 school years:

Shortage professions of Hajdú-Bihar county in three consecutive school years

Year of 2016/2017 Year of 2017/2018 Year of 2018/2019 
Shortage professionIdentification numberShortage professionIdentification numberShortage professionIdentification number
Tinker34-582-02Tinker34-582-02Painter, decorator, wallpapering34-582-04
Road builder34-582-11Electronics technician54-523-02Electronics technician54-523-02
Building and structural locksmith34-582-03Building and structural locksmith34-582-03Building and structural locksmith34-582-03
CNC machinist34-521-03CNC machinist34-521-03CNC machinist34-521-03
Practicing nurse54-723-02Practicing nurse54-723-02Practicing nurse54-723-02
Welder34-521-06Welder34-521-06Software developer54-213-05
Meat product manufacturer34-541-03Meat product manufacturer34-541-03Women’s tailor34-542-06
Industrial mechanic34-521-04Industrial mechanic34-521-04Electromechanical technician34-522-01
Gardener34-622-02Small food producer, village host34-541-08Gardener34-622-02
Agricultural mechanic34-521-08Agricultural mechanic34-521-08Agricultural mechanic34-521-08
Social worker or nurse34-762-01Social worker or nurse34-762-01Social worker or nurse34-762-01
Farmer34-621-01Mechatronic technician54-523-04Farmer34-621-01
Printing machine operator54-213-04Printing machine operator54-213-07Printing machine operator54-213-07
Chemical technician54-524-02Chemical technician54-524-03Chemical technician54-524-03
Manufacturing Engineering Technician54-521-03Animal keeper34-621-03Animal keeper34-621-03
Cooling and ventillation technician34-582-05Mason34-582-14Mason34-582-14
Vehicle polisher34-525-03Baker34-541-05Vehicle mechatronic technician34-525-02
Machine Industry Metal Component Manufacturer34-521-07Central heating and gas network system installer34-582-09Toolmaker34-521-10

Source: Annex 5 of Government Decrees on decisions on the structure of professions for given academic year, own edit

In the county, the courses that considered as shortage professions are similar from one year to another. Which means the rate of graduates did not reach optimal level, and still there is a significant demand for these professions in the labor market. Seven professions in the county are still considered to be shortage professions in the examined three consecutive school years: Building and Structural Locksmith, CNC machinist, Practicing nurse, Agricultural mechanic, Social worker and Nurse, Electrician and Carpenter.

Number of students in shortage profession courses in Hajdú-Bihar

Shortage profession in 2017/2018 academic yearNumber of students in the county in profession course
October, 2017
Shortage profession in 2017/2018 academic yearNumber of students in the county in profession course
October, 2018
Tinker0Painter, decorator, wallpapering124
Electronics technician77Electronics technician39
Building and structural locksmith147Building and structural locksmith127
CNC machinist185CNC machinist165
Practicing nurse229Practicing nurse282
Welder281Software developer193
Meat product manufacturer143Women’s tailor45
Industrial mechanic106Electromechanical technician23
Small food producer, village host0Gardener29
Agricultural mechanic243Agricultural mechanic275
Social worker or nurse227Social worker or nurse210
Mechatronic technician57Farmer39
Printing machine operator32Printing machine operator20
Chemical technician238Chemical technician192
Animal keeper14Animal keeper10
Mason100?(124)Mason181 (46)
Baker159Vehicle mechatronic technician0
Central heating and gas network system installer41Toolmaker0

Source: Based on Education Office data, own edit