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Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit LLC., – owned by the Hajdú-Bihar County Self-Government – has been engaged in complex professional activities since 1997 in connection with the development of the county. Through the years, the Agency has continuously expanded its activity and customer base. As a result in terms of managing EU tenders, there has an increased number of public sector actors, like municipalities and their institutions who are using the services of the Agency, in addition to the existing the small- and medium-enterprise sector partners.

The aim of the Agency is to provide a wide range of professional assistance and informations for the actors of public-, civil,- and business sector, and help them to achieve their development ideas plus to help its partners orientating themselves in domestic and EU tendering system. In the previous and the current programming period between 2014-2020, the Agency has already participated in the professional development, submission and implementation of hundreds of projects in the framework of operational programs like TOP, EFOP, GINOP, Rural Development Program or RO-HU program.

The Agency helps project applicants with its highly-skilled staff and the winner project applicants with achieving their development goals. Our staff has several years of professional experience in field of implementation of economic development, urban development, environmental development, tourism, transport development, human infrastructure development and rural development projects, as well as in the analysis and planning of regional and municipal strategic programs. Our experts include technical professionals, lawyers, economists, finance professionals, agricultural engineers, and graduates in social professionals who, besides consulting, can assist our partners in project preparation, application writing, and full project implementation (collaborating in grant contracts, preparation and submission of accounts, contract modifications and change reporting, interim and final reports, progress reports and contribution to on-site inspections).


Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Nonprofit LLC is a non-profit organization operating in Hajdú-Bihar county, that participates in the preparation and implementation of developments in the county, provides regional development and settlement development services for organizations operating in the county and/or related to the county.

The Agency’s activities include:

  • advisory services related to development: tendering for local government, business and civil sector, needs assessment and preliminary eligibility check for developments.
  • project preparation and tender writing: project development consultation, elaboration of feasibility studies, preparation of business plans, compilation and submission of tender documentation, follow-up of clarifications.
  • Full management of developments: coordination of grant agreements, coordination of the implementation of projects under contract, preparation and submission of accounts and reports, execution of contract modifications and changes, participation in on-the-spot checks, follow-up during the maintenance period, preparation of reports, communication with institutions.
  • Local and professional coordination of developments: elaboration of county and regional partnership programs, participation in implementation, supervision and control of processes.
  • Strategic planning: preparation of strategic development documents (concepts, strategies, action plans) for different regional levels (county, district, settlement) with professional content, outstanding quality and partnership planning at all times. Based on years of our expert staff’s professional experience, we prepare preparatory studies, sectoral strategies, and surveys for individual developments.
  • Expanding the educational and research collaborations: At the head office of Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency LLC, there is the Department of Development Policy and Regional Planning, that is part of the Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Debrecen (TTK). Head of the department based on the appointment of the Faculty Council in June 2018 is Krisztina Kovács PhD, associate professor. As a result of close collaboration with DE-TTK, a Cooperation Agreement was signed, by which the Agency has started its dual training program to strengthen the practice-oriented training of geographer and geography students in 2018/2019 school year. Participating students can study, work and gain experience in the Agency over a two-year period in a two-day weekly schedule.

The Agency considers all professional projects to be important that affect the county and help businesses, local governments, improve the living conditions of the population and serve the development of the whole county.

Debrecen, May 17, 2019

György Korbeák