Introduction of Hajdú-Bihar County

//Introduction of Hajdú-Bihar County
Introduction of Hajdú-Bihar County 2019-06-28T09:39:27+02:00

Hajdú-Bihar County, with over its 530,000 inhabitants, is located in the eastern part of Hungary, part of the Northern Great Plain Region. The county’s seat (Debrecen) is the second most populous city in Hungary (202,214 people in 2018). The county, with its 6,210.88 km2 area, is one of the country’s major counties, and the fourth largest county in terms of its size. It’s neighboring with Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Békés counties also with Romania.

Cross-border location and the presence and the relative proximity of hungarians beyond the border have a noticeable impact on the labor market of the county and the supply of labor too. From the point of investors the characteristics of Hajdú-Bihar County are favorable. At the domestic level, the county has one of the highest potential labor supply (high unemployment rate, low activity rate), although the demographic changes of the county are unfavorable, with the declining population and aging comes with it.

The education system in both secondary and university levels are extensive in the county, it can provide a wide range of vocational training, and the role of dual training is also increasing. The two vocational training centre covers the needs of the potencial investor group, with cooperation and dual trainings. In addition, the University of Debrecen can provide a supply base that potential investors can build onto.

Key features of the county in numbers (Based on 2018 Q1-Q4 datas)

DescriptionHajdú-Bihar countyHungary
Population (1000 people)5309 778
Density (person/km?)85105
Economic Activity
Activity rate (%)62,162,6
Employment rate (%)58,360,4
Unemployment rate (%)6,23,6
Number of employees and salaries
Number of employees (1000 people)131,73 116,8
Average monthly Gross earnings (HUF)271.808329.943
Average monthly Net earnings (HUF)180.752219.412
Number of employed (1000 people)2304.481,3
Number of unemployed (1000 people)15,3167,2
Number of economically inactive population (1000 people)159,22.775,8
Number of registered job seekers (1000 people)21.484241.898
Registered businesses
Number of registered enterprises99.9101.757.489
Number of enterprises per thousand inhabitants189180
Performance value (million HUF)182.4916.812.151
Performance value per capita (1000 HUF)345697,2
Performance value per capita in industrial sector (1000 HUF)1.494,53.284,3
Production value per capita in construction (1000 HUF)170,4244,5
Number of Guests (1000 people)545,312.505
Number of Guest Nights (1000)1.530,630.913

Source: KSH – 2018.