Industrial Zones (Industrial Parks)

///Industrial Zones (Industrial Parks)
Industrial Zones (Industrial Parks) 2019-08-06T11:56:25+02:00

14 industrial zones are located in the county, 4 of them are located in Debrecen.

The organization with an industrial zone title, by applying and acquiring the title undertake itself to certain commitments. The industrial zone has to have at least 10 settled enterprises by the end of the 5th year, and the number of full-time employees from existing and future workplaces has to be at least 350.

During 2014-2020 period, many industrial zones and industrial related project will be implemented. By using TOP program resources, developments take place in 15 different settlements for example. The settlements concerned are: Balmazújváros, Báránd, Berettyóújfalu, Biharkeresztes, Ebes, Egyek, Földes, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúnánás, Komádi, Nyíradony, Létavértes, Monostorpályi, Nagyhegyes and Szentpéterszeg.

The industrial zones are dispersed spacially through the county, providing an excellent ground for settling new ventures. In addition there are several areas of Debrecen, that don’t possess an industrial zone title, but in terms of investment incentive are area of great importance: Southern Economic Area, Multimodal Logistic Centre and Northwest Economic Area (location of the future BMW factory)

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