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Based on the education level of job seekers registered in the county’s districts, it is clear that in the Debrecen district have the lowest ratio of people with the basic education level or without any level of education. It is 26,9% in comparison with the county’s average of 44,7%. This suggests that there is a huge demand in Debrecen for employees without any specific knowledge. In contrast for example, in terms of numbers of Nyíradony district (1.453 people), this jobseeker group is also very significant in proportion (65%), which proportion is one and a half times higher than the county average.

In the case of graduated jobseekers, the situation is the opposite. In every district of the county excluding Debrecen, the proportion of graduated people is below 5%, typically around 2%. There is a very high demand for graduates in these areas, so the graduates are almost immediately absorbed by the labor market of the district.

Registered jobseekers by qualification (2018.06.)

DistrictElementary school – less than 8 gradesElementary school – 8 grades completedCompleted basic level of educationCompleted basic level of education (%)Middle school graduatesOf which: High school graduatesCompleted middle level of educationUniversity graduatesUniversity graduates (%)Sum
Balmazújvárosi8761970660,40%62911746,00%312,70%1 366
Berettyóújfalui1521 1351 28756,90%1 27027348,70%502,20%2 607
Debreceni1762 0962 27226,90%4 7531 10960,90%7749,20%7 799
Derecskei2401 2151 45553,70%92016438,10%391,40%2 414
Hajdúböszörményi7855363147,90%75921752,30%624,70%1 452
Hajdúhadházi17872189961,60%66015141,70%251,70%1 584
Hajdúnánási9141250340,50%67018755,40%362,90%1 209
Hajdúszoboszlói13364878147,70%78815348,30%633,80%1 632
Nyíradonyi3121 1411 45365,00%84215736,30%221,00%2 317
Püspökladányi13974288148,10%89319249,30%362,00%1 810
Összesen1 5869 28210 86844,70%12 1842 72050,40%1 1384,70%24. 90

Source: HBMKH (2018. 06.)

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