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Introduction of Hajdú-Bihar’s public baths

Our country – and Hajdú-Bihar county – has extremely good conditions in terms of thermal and medicinal water resources, Hungary is one of the leading of the world. The reason for this is that the Earth’s crust under the country is thinner, which makes its geothermal properties extremely favorable. The increase in temperature to the center of the Earth is 45°C/km, compared to an average of 20-30 ° C/km. Thus, the average temperature measured at 500 m depth reaches 35-40 °C, at 1000 m it is 55-60 °C and at 2000 m it is approximately 100-110 °C. That is the reason why the temperature of our rich thermal waters is high, and it is the basis of which we have built our bath culture onto with great traditions and history. Due to their high mineral content, our thermal waters have a proven positive effect on many health problems.

In Hajdú-Bihar county there are several types of baths (medicinal baths, thermal baths, adventure baths) operating, most of them constantly, and a smaller part operates seasonally.

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One of the most important bath is the Hungarospa, which operates in Hajdúszoboszló. Here, Europe’s largest spa complex has a spa, thermal bath, beach, aquapark, adventure pool and swimming pools. Parts of the complex: Thermal Spa, Aqua-Palace Indoor Adventure Bath, Aquapark and Árpád Swimming Pool. It is open in the whole year.

Another important spa in the county is Aquaticum Debrecen, a spa center located in the heart of the Nagyerdő. It offers a wide range of services to every generations with its thermal, spa, beach and adventure bath, sauna world, aquapark and wellness areas. The Aquaticum Thermal Spa was renovated in 2014, and the Aquaticum Beach is currently not welcoming guests due to its full renewal in the 2019 summer season. Expected opening in 2020.

The Kerekestelep Thermal Spa is a lesser known spa in Debrecen, which is available whole year, along with outdoor thermal pools. There is a tennis court and a campsite directly connected to the beach. Healing thermal water is also suitable for consumption.

The Balmazújváros Kamilla Spa is open all year round, and the beach is open seasonally. The spa offers a great variety of services (sauna, leisure and healthcare services). At 2016, the sauna house was finished that can accommodate up to 80 people, which is currently the largest in Hungary.

The Bihar Thermal Park in Berettyóújfalu offers a variety of pools, spas and saunas, offering both sports and entertainment for its visitors. Its thermal water was officially declared as medicinal water in 1997. The water here is primarily used for the treatment of degenerative disorders.

The Földesi Thermal Spa and Leisure Center is a friendly beach with excellent recreational facilities with its grassy area and medicinal thermal water. Thermal water comes from 1344 meters deep and it is 67 degrees.

The Bocskai Thermal Spa in Hajdúböszörmény is equipped also with spa pools, swimming pools and a beach in the summer. The indoor spa of the Bocskai Thermal Spa is open from January 2007 for the guests. The water of the thermal water well was declared as medicinal water in December 2003, and the medical treatments started on 1 July 2005.

The Hajdúnánási Spa is located in a quiet, shaded landscaped park area. The 67-degree water of the spa rising from 1019 meters deep was declared as medicinal water in 1989, which is primarily suitable for the treatment of joint, locomotory and gynecological diseases.

The Kaba Town Spa, renovated in 2006, awaits guests seeking relaxation and healing all year round. The thermal water of the spa was certified as a medicinal water in 2002, and according to medical advice it is recommended for the treatment of locomotor, spinal, hip and joint disorders.

The Nádudvar Thermal and Beach Spa that was completely renovated in 2000 awaits its visitors in the summer season. On the beach, there are several pools, saunas and thermal water for guests who want to relax. The water of the spa is certified as medicinal water. Its mineral rich 50 degrees water is well suited for the treatment of locomotory and gynecological diseases.

The Polgár Thermal Spa is open during the summer season. On the beach, there are a variety of swimming, spa, kids pools. There are sports facilities and landscaped surroundings with unique English garden and deck chairs. The spa area also includes a sports court, sauna, massage, conditioning room and boating lake.

The Sárrét Kincse Spa in Püspökladány awaits visitors all year round, and the beach pool is open during the summer season. The thermal water of the settlement has been declared as medicinal water since 1987. The medical center offers physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments. The spa offers many wellness services too.

The Tiszacsege Thermal Beach and Spa offers outdoor and indoor pools and medicinal thermal water all year round. The spa has two open swimming pools, one swimming pool and one children’s pool, and two indoor thermal pools. The water that fills the thermal pools rises from 1150 meters at 73 degrees. Thermal water was certified as medicinal water in 2000. The Medicinal water contains dissolved organic matter and it is well suited for treatment of muscular and rheumatic pains, as well as for the treatment of squamous diseases.